Xische Strategy Practice is a hybrid consulting firm, made in Dubai.

We examine change across cultureinnovation and the future with regional context to guide organisational transformations.

Our firm Xische & Co has been helping governments, global brands and startups research, innovate, and communicate since 2001. Working with leaders across the public and private sector affords us deep analytical insight as a byproduct.

Our strategy teams convert this experience into contextualized insights and actionable roadmaps for business leaders. 


We practice in 3 domains.


We make innovation meaningful. We work with business leaders to identify opportunities and plan approaches to shift organization from operating to innovating across the value chain.


We plan and execute methodical approaches to cultural transformations, specializing in wellbeing & happiness. Our work impacts organizations, governments and society.


We provide regional context to global technological shifts to prepare organizations to compete in the future. We currently offer use-case identification and strategic roadmap planning packages for AI, Blockchain and Data.