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Artificial Intelligence

Understand how AI is impacting your industry, gauge organizational readiness and prioritize the right AI use-cases for your business needs. In the past year, our AI Practice teams have worked closely with policy-makers, government departments and the private sector. Examples include:

  • Advising the Smart Dubai Government on defining the city's official AI Roadmap.
  • Helping DEWA(Dubai Electricity & Water Department) on defining and prioritizing their AI tools based on deployment for customers or internal processes.

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AI for Leadership

Gain a focused understanding on the state of AI and its impact on your sector through our leadership masterclass, led by practitioners.

  • Our Academy has run masterclasses for the C-suite of government entities, telcos, insurance and healthcare groups.


Deploy AI in CX Design

Determine the right AI products available to your organisation today to design a total customer experiences transformation.

  • Our Design Practice has re-built entire CX journeys with relevant readily available AI tools.


AI in the Middle East

By 2025, the AI market in the Middle East will be worth $320 billion. This report is a global first in quantifying consumer attitudes and expectations towards Artificial Intelligence in the Middle East.