New Strategic Roadmap for Dubai Data


Digital Transformation


Discovery, benchmarking, change agenda and delivery of a new strategic priorities and policy framework for decentralized national data strategy

Working alongside the leadership team of Dubai Data, our strategy team critically assessed the current market perception of the Dubai Data initiative and recommend a prioritized approach to reach its desired new positioning.

Leveraging learnings from on-the-ground experience and new best practices in the face of emerging technologies, Xische identified a hybrid-decentralized data management framework to empower mature entities to bring existing platform into a shared marketplace, while supporting emerging entities to convert the highest value from data through a shared platform.

Through initial discovery work, the team recognized that to achieve Dubai Data’s stated goals, a positioning shift would be required. The team deployed a Change Agenda approach to capture and catalogue existing initiatives and priorities, benchmark local and international competitors, and assess market trends identify challenges and opportunities for Dubai Data. Over 80 identified challenges were refined to 5 critical challenges extracted from the current state review, stakeholder interviews and Xische analysis. The critical challenges became the foundation of the prioritization exercise. A two-phased action plan is proposed to advance three strategic priorities are identified from four change domains, driven by five changes objectives to address critical challenges to enhance Dubai Data positioning. 


  • Benchmarking

  • Opportunity analysis

  • Change agenda

  • Positioning

  • Prioritization roadmap

  • Advisory