Delivering Dubai's Public Art Strategy


Culture Strategy


Strategy and framework to enable a city of seamless art experiences for all art and city stakeholders, residents and visitors.

Working alongside leadership teams at Dubai Culture and Arts Authority, our strategy team conducted an extensive benchmark and opportunity analysis exercise to inform and design a new, universal strategy and timetable for the management and promotion of public art in Dubai.

In spite of a long-term citywide commitment to the arts, there was no single entity recognised as the leader of the public art sector, leading to confusion among participants in the art sector, as well as the general public, diluting the overall impact of art initiatives in Dubai. Through consultations with stakeholders from the artistic community, our strategy team recommended an innovative commissioning and licensing mechanism to promote and maintain public art experiences in all city neighborhoods. The team also recommended public art funding streams, in keeping with global best practices, from both the public and private sector, thereby enabling a more inclusive public art ecosystem

Under the new scheme, the Dubai Public Art Strategy would unify citywide planning and funding for public art, by establishing a central governing authority to oversee the strategic planning and installation of public artworks citywide, while enabling governing entities; developers; artists and art patrons to commission public artworks within a mutually protective regulatory scheme and in line with Dubai’s strategic objectives. Furthermore, the strategy would identify and enhance IP protections for exhibiting arts, including: ownership, right to exhibit, right to sell and other considerations.

Our Brand Practice then supported the client teams with translating the strategy and roadmap into a brand narrative to rally support for the program. We have since worked on showcasing the strategy at government workshops to engage ecosystem stakeholders.


  • Benchmark

  • Opportunity analysis

  • Public Art Strategy

  • Execution plan and time-table

  • Advisory