DEWA: Roadmap for Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence


Re-imagined DEWA's artificial intelligence program towards their goal of a fully AI-augmented utility experience for customers, employees and internal systems

Working alongside DEWA’s key leadership, our teams helped develop a framework for broadening their strategy for Artificial Intelligence (Rammas) beyond customer service chatbots. One of the first government entities to deploy AI across most customer touchpoints, DEWA mobilized early on to align with the UAE Strategy for Artificial Intelligence. Our teams crafted an all-inclusive roadmap to help define the use-cases and future scenarios of augmented customer experience, employee engagement and core internal systems.

Our Brand Practice then supported the client teams with translating the strategy and roadmap into a brand narrative, dynamic logo marks, and UX guidelines for implementation. We have since worked on elevating the Rammas strategy into the Dubai Government 10X initiative, forming a key pillar of DEWA’s 10X commitment.


  • Benchmarking

  • Concept definition

  • Strategy framework

  • Roadmap

  • Brand identity

  • Narrative design

  • Advisory