Renew: Embracing Culture at Smart Dubai Gov


Design Thinking


Culture transformation and change management program for the Smart Dubai Office

With organizations of a nearly two decade history merges with two other government entities, the ensuing culture-shock often resets the founding principles of leadership, and impacts every touch point from customer service to internal stakeholder management.

Working closeting with key leadership at the C-level, we deployed Design Thinking principles to identify, shape and deliver an introspection and ideation program across a 300-strong team to meaningfully define a new organization charter. Our aim was to tactically help employees at each level of the organization collectively discover their purpose, values and goals. Over a 6-month period, in close collaboration with key leadership at the C-level, we equipped a team of mentors to lead the program, and later coach colleagues within their own circles of influence.

Instead of a taking a purely top-down approach, our teams gathered pain points across the spectrum of employees, to rally leadership towards 3 primary drivers for change. Running workshops, we built internal competency to craft narratives, ideate, prototype and craft engaging stories to communicate desired changes from within the organization.

The program culminated with an organization-wide “Open Day” allowing teams representing all employees to present their ideas, solutions and priorities to key leadership, as well as a panel of external judges.


  • Case for change and future state

  • Entity identify purpose, values and actions

  • Design Thinking, Prototyping and Storytelling workshops

  • Policy and procedure reformation recommendations

  • Program management